Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On the Trump Presidency

kakistocracy  [kak is TOC ra cy].  Noun:  government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.  Government by the worst people.

"American democracy is tail-spinning out of control.  The election of Donald Trump has transformed our political system into a kakistocracy."  Alice Dilfdrew, political correspondent of the JBM News Agency.

“Donald Trump is a buffoon and a clown, a sleazy egomaniac who has left behind nothing over the past fifty years other than a bogus university, a meat-market beauty contest, and a television program where he fired people.  And then there's his long and sordid record as a sexual predator.  And his desperate hatred of Hispanics and Muslims.  And his fear of empowered women.  The list of his empty-headed prejudices is long--and frightening.  It's a national disgrace that we elected him.  We are better than that, better than him.  Stand firm in opposition, assert your faith in what makes America great.  Be the anti-Trump.”

December 21, 2016 to April 1, 2017.  I expect to spend the rest of my days registering opposition to the Trump presidency—that is, after all, the responsibility of an informed citizenry.  But two things have lightened the burden.  
          First, I confess to enormous curiosity about the national direction now that we have finally elected a true outsider.  I might have wished the outsider had been someone else, but I have complained about our cozy two-party system for years, the way party regulars have to toe the line and pick up obligations along the way during every election season--just to get themselves elected.  Donald Trump, bad as he is, has given us a presidency that is beholden to no one.  At this stage we all have good reason to be fearful of the next four years, but I couldn’t be happier that politicians on both sides of the aisle are trembling in their boots.  Their own positions are threatened by a man who won’t be playing by the rules.  
          Second, late night talk shows have been spearheading attacks on Trump, who true to his history, has provided wonderful targets for his opponents to attack.  The New York Times has made it their prime mission each and every day to expose every lie and every example of unpresidential behavior of The Donald.  And as far as I can see, every media outlet is having a similarly good time.  So the bad news is we get to read all about The Donald's uninformed policy gaffes, his unpresidential outbursts, his adolescent behavior, and his embarrassing news conferences, but the good news is that it's fun to watch him self-destruct day by day.

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